Monday, December 5, 2016

26. We finally have a house

This week was good! A lot faster than last week. The apartment we were going to rent fell through, but we found another house, which I sent pics of. Now we can really get to work here and not have to worry about waiting for busses and stuff to get to the area.

The landlord wasn’t even the landlord of the house we thought we were moving into. The other person who actually owned the building didn’t want to rent.

We moved Saturday so this is our third day in the house. It’s more like a commercial building that we are using as a house.

This is the toilet and sink. The only sink. This would be where we wash dishes etc. We don't have any dishes so we haven't needed to use the sink for dishes yet.

Our Shower

The orange building below is ours. It has two rooms plus a bathroom.


This is the kitchen and living room. There is a stove sitting on the table but we don't have the correct connector to make it work yet. The kitchen area also serves as a place to shave, comb our hair, and iron our clothes.


Refrigerator and wall for drying clothes 

Tables for desk. A washing machine between the desks and beds 

We need to go buy dishes and pans, utensils, etc. Hopefully we can go buy some of those things soon. We also need to buy everything to clean with. Mop, broom, cleaner, etc.


Clothes racks, beds and the other side of the wall used to dry clothes 

This is at a members house. I'm a little tall for their ceiling.

This was taken in El Centro last Friday

We went up a big hill and looked out at the city and hung out for a little bit after our move got cancelled on Tuesday.

Have you seen the alumina al undo campaign the church is doing for Christmas? (It's called #lighttheworld in the United States) On Thursday, when it started we had those sweaters made and went and helped out at a care home for old people. We were there for 6 hours cleaning, hanging out with the people, and doing whatever they told us to. It was super cool! The pic with only a few of us and 2 ladies was our little group we were assigned. We were the kitchen staff cooking and cleaning and all of that. The lady who is always in the kitchen loved us! It was to give service on the world day of service.

As a zone we are singing Oh Holy Night and Little Drummer Boy for the Christmas dinner that President is having so we have been learning those both the past couple weeks and they are really fun! Little drummer boy is the version that pentatonic did, so if you want to see it you can look it up on YouTube.

Sorry I don't have more to report.  It's been really hard to train or have anything be normal because we haven't had a house.  It's finally easier to get my companion out of bed in the morning.  Hopefully this week will get back to normal since we won't be floating anymore.

I asked Bryce if he had a spiritual message or a quote he'd like to share. This was his great inspirational response....Quote. WE FINALLY HAVE A HOUSE!!!