Wednesday, December 21, 2016


 So I got the package today and holy cow it’s huge!!! You weren’t kidding when you said you sent a bunch of stuff hahah! It was super fun to open up and set out the tree and everything! Thank you so much!!!

I’m going to give Fowler his present  tomorrow at district meeting. We have all of the packages that the offices had for our zone so we have a lot to take to the church tomorrow! 

We went and bought stuff after we opened the package and and I bought Elder Garcia some stuff and have some wrapping to do tonight!  I got him a sweater, a couple of long sleeve shirts, two ties and a belt. And maybe more to come is not sure yet well see?

But I have to spend some time in the bathroom wrapping it all tonight so he doesn’t see them and has presents to put under the tree.

we had a training meeting at the offices today with the assistants so we were there from 11 to about 3ish and then we went home, opened the package, shopped, and now were here! It was a pretty fast pday. A super fast week actually! 

Yeah I'm feeling fine! Sure finding people is frustrating at times but I’m loving my life right now!  I’m happy, and working hard and am right where the Lord wants me! There are people just not many members.
Fowler lives far but they’re always at the church by our house for zone meetings and the stuff in their ward, so we see each other a lot during the week!

The Zone sang a Happy Birthday song for Jenna (not sure why it's blurry)
The song is called Lass Amanitas, it’s the Mexican Happy Birthday! It was easier for everyone to sing that then happy birthday in English, and that one is more fun honestly!

Question from Jenna: Is that big box of presents tempting you? I know I would be dying to open this presents if I were you
Response from Bryce:  Yeah I don’t know if all of them are going to make it to Christmas.... because some of them are already open, and to be fair to my companion on Christmas morning What a stinker, he’s always been such a snoop at Christmas.  Now Mom isn’t there to keep him out of them!

Question:  Do you have a stove or hot water yet?  Neither! But we are surviving! It doesn’t make that big of a difference honestly! The house is good! Its feeling more lived in as time goes on and things are going well! 
My comp is awesome! He is learning super-fast and is contacting people on his own and really wants to learn and improve every day.

Question:  Have you been able to find ward members to take you in? Not really no. We have almost nobody that lives in our area since we’re in an industrial area.

Oh! We found a super cool investigator this week named Maria! she was hosing down her driveway when we met her, and I asked if she needed help and she said no, but asked what we were doing, and told her how we are missionaries. Then I asked her if we could share our message with her and she dropped the hose and said yeah come on in! Then we taught the restoration and it was so awesome the spirit was so strong in that lesson! We were exhausted the whole day after because of the spiritual high basically!
So we’ll see how it goes with her this week. We gave her a Book of Mormon and committed her to baptism and she accepted them both like that. She didn’t come to church for some reason though so we’ll find out why soon

Have an amazing week and I can’t wait to see you on Sunday! Love you pieces and I’ll see you soon! Bye!