Monday, December 26, 2016

29 Pinata's, Paintball, and Christmas dinner with the President

Hey mom. So we can’t really write today because we talked yesterday so... that sucks. But everything is good since yesterday, the post call-home depression is gone and we are getting back into the swing of things. I didn’t realize how much I missed you guys until we got to talk again, so that was interesting to feel after such a long time. Today was fun we had a secret Santa party, played games in the church, then went and played paintball! It was super fun, but it hurt like heck at times! (Photos next week when I get home to take them) but yeah other than that nothing really happened. Ill check the camera lens and takes more photos to make up for the lack of writing this week ok? :) But I love you tons and can’t wait to write you guys next week! Talk to you later bye!!!! 
Santa!!  I know him.  Elf paper and Bryce's favorite saying

Tree and presents

December 22, Pre-Christmas dinner with President Montoya


Making Tamales