Monday, April 24, 2017

46. I think I'm back. Teaching in the streets (literally)

After 8 long weeks of being sick with some sort of infection, 4 weeks of antibiotics, 5 hospital visits(with accompanied antibiotic injections),  and many concerning emails home, Bryce appears to be on the upswing!! Thank you for all your prayers and fasting.  He's looking and sounding so much better.  Hooray.

We passed a fruit truck and the guy was blabbing on his mic, and we passed it and I turned around and wanted to use it so we asked him if we could send a message and he didn’t even think about it just sad sure!  Then he  went around the back of the truck to sell his fruit.

I think I’m back! I’ve been feeling good this week even though there have been a lot of changes. Last week there were special transfers in the mission, and they took out the other DL(District Leader) in my zone, so I'm the only DL in my zone, and I have the whole zone in my district. It's weird and it's a lot of work, but they took out a lot of the lazy missionaries and the missionaries that didn't work very hard, so we have a lot of potential right now.  I'm super excited!
The Zone before special transfers were made.  Bryce is now the District Leader for 12 Elders and Sisters
Last photo from this room was a busted eardrum and sad face.  Love the new  upgraded photo with a smile
We’ve been visiting a lot our abuelita (grandma) downstairs, named Ramoncita.  We’ve been talking to her when we leave the house or when we get home the past couple of weeks and it’s been nice to have a grandma that takes care of us. She cooks for us, folds our laundry, and helped us clean our bathroom that was nasty from a bunch of past elders. Ramoncita was baptized 34 years ago. She left her husband to be a part of the church.

Transfers are in 2 weeks on the 30th.  I feel like we are going to get changed. I don't know how, but I don’t think I’m going to stay with Requena (current companion) another transfer.

My companion and I are getting along really well and we have a baptism planned for Saturday! We are going to baptize a sister named Cruz who we’ve been teaching since the last changes, and she is super cool!  She can’t read but she loves coming to church and Ramoncita helps us take her to church on Sundays because we live really close to her.  (This will be the first baptism Bryce has had if it all goes as planned). 

I have no idea how many are leaving or coming or anything like that, but I think it’s a good amount that are going home.  (Many missionaries are almost at the two year mark and will be going home over the summer months). Yeah a lot of the leadership is going home soon so it's going to be a lot of adjusting and moving around in two weeks.

We did buy Juvenal (ward mission leader)  a cake on Thursday.  We had his birthday in the church when we had our mission meeting and surprised him.   (From Juvenal)  Yes He give me a birthday cake.  I was very happy because that was the only gift that I received.  They are good friends and follower of Jesus Christ.

I got the Easter package last week and it was super fun!  My comp loved the darts that came in the baskets and we still have some jelly beans left I think, but we’ve eaten pretty much everything jajaja. (I told him I mailed a package for May) Dang another package?  I always made fun of Fowler for all of the packages but now I understand!

Fowler finishes so soon it’s so crazy!  I remember when we were first put together he still had like 9 months left... time is going faster and faster every transfer!

I fasted this week too. So we could find more investigators, that I could gain more self confidence in my work, and for you guys at home. 

I'm glad I have a great mom that made me the boy/man?  Whatever that I am today.