Monday, March 6, 2017

39 Getting a New Companion - Ruptured Eardrum

Prayers for health to get back to work.....
My Baby doesn't feel well:( - (Said from the Mom of course)
I still haven’t gotten better from last week sadly. But we found some really cool families that accepted baptism... but didn’t come to church, so we have to keep working on that. I worked with members a lot in the beginning of the week, then got sick Thursday and couldn’t do anything, then went  back to the area of the Zone Leaders.

I’ve still been working a ton while being sick, so feeling healthy would make things so much easier. Elder Morgan came to Parral for a conference with President Montoya so I was able to rest at our house for two days this week. It was good to have the two days of rest though because I really did need them. I would take my meds in the morning when I woke up and pass out again until like 11! It was crazy. Elder Morgan went back to Chihuahua so I’ve been working with the Zone Leaders again.

I still don’t have a companion, but a missionary who is returning to the field is coming soon, so I’ll have a comp until Saturday when Elder Morgan is supposed to come back.President doesn’t know what’s going to happen with Morgan yet, so it could a week long companionship, or it could last longer. I honestly have no idea. We have no idea when the new companion is coming. He's here in Chihuahua, but when he comes to Parral is a different story.
Note from Mom:  I thought he spilled Sweet and Sour or some type of sauce on his shirt and the sad face was because he made a mess. Then he tells what really happened.  Yikes!
Ear infection :( the cold moved from my nose and throat to my ear and it hurt like crap! I've been taking meds since thursday when I went to the doctor, but I still cant hear anything with the infected ear.  Yeah that was a bit of blood that might have spilled out of my ear. It was draining water and blood for the first day and a half...Yeah it came from my ear and it was nassssstyyyy My eardrum apparently burst.
I went with one of the Zone Leaders to a part of their area that you have to drive 40 minutes to get to, and we only had one car coming back, so all of the younger people hopped in back. I made sure my bad ear wasn’t on the side of the wind though.

This is one of the hardest weeks I’ve had ever, with being sick and working my butt off just to be in my area, so I’m just kind of exhausted.

I sent this to Bryce today. It was something he sent home back in September 2016 and his sister tweeted it this Sunday.  I thought he might could use the reminder himself: 

"I had no idea it was still so bad for you. But want to know what I’ve learned? The atonement can fix that. even if you don’t go to church with them, pray read the scriptures daily, have faith that Christ can fix the hurt and take it away from you,(Alma 7:11-13). That’s the whole purpose of the gospel, that’s why I’m here right now, because I know of the power of the atonement. Yes you will struggle. That’s the purpose of this life, (2 Nephi 2: 11) but I know that if you strive to do what you know is right and continually counsel with god and with Christ all of the time, you will feel better. I’m not just saying that. That’s a promise in the scriptures, and has been a promise from the beginning"

Still hard at work while sick