Monday, July 25, 2016

My First House (half house)

We'll be living with the District Leaders Elder Anton (gringo) and Elder Chan (mexican) That is the inside of our house its reeeeeaaaallllly teeny tiny

We are with the other missionaries a lot and we've actually already slept at their house 2 or 3 times when it was too late to go back to our house. They're in our ward and area so we've been with them a lot the past two weeks and I'm excited to live there. It'll be fun and good to have a bit more space than a little cramped 2 room half house haha I think it'll still be a rollercoaster after I get settled in and know a little more of what to do and how to do it here. But its slowly getting better which is very nice. Its mostly been tough because my feet have been destroyed the past 2 weeks so I've constantly been in pain because we walk so much. I finally pulled out the sewing kit and emergency kit for needles and alcohol wipes and popped some of the blisters on my feet and they feel a bit better. and I've been using my blanket at night because with the fan on full blast it gets kinda cold. My blanket is really soft and is going to be amazing in the winters. So sketch is definitely still a thing, if we have money to go haha. I still have cash on hand but the others don't really have money, so we go when members give us money instead of feeding us.
I don't think I have moleskin but I'm going to keep popping the blisters that fill up every night and hope it'll get better. I might be able to get some tomorrow because we didn't go shopping today. We went hiking to some caves with indian drawings in them. no pictures though because I forgot my camera, which was good because it started absolutely pouring rain and the car got stuck in the mud and we had to cross a few rivers to get back out.It was really fun though and was a cool experience. Anton and Chan said they didn't do anything fun like that when they were training.There hasn't really been anything new either except for walking and trying to learn Spanish. I'm so jealous about your trip to San Diego! The beach looked fantastic! I wish I could have been there with you guys. We definitely need to do some kind of trip after my mission. It's actually been nicer this week because it rained a ton. we got caught in it Wednesday and the rain was going sideways it was raining so hard.Iit rained again Thursday but with hail. In the summer. Crazy. We were in a members car so we didn't get destroyed again.

Week two in the Field - Another rough one

This week was definitely rough. I did feel a lot better after my last email though which was a blessing. It came in the form of comfort during a lesson and I felt prompted to share a scripture and it was really reassuring to have the spirit with me. I still dont understand anybody here, but I'm getting a little bit better. I'm hoping by the end of August to be able to mostly understand, but its a tall order. The heat hasn't let up here so we decided to get cowboy hats and now we look awesome. 

It is really fun to meet the people here though and I think just getting through the first couple months is the breaking point. But its already been almost 2 months since I left! how crazy! It feels like I left for the CCM two days ago, my mission yesterday, and now I'm here. Hopefully these next few weeks will get better and that as I continue to struggle it will get better. I've never had a headache from speaking or learning too much, but here it is definitely a real thing.

I feel like once I do get settled in more and I know the people and my area more that the time will fly and I'll love this piece of desert as much if not more than I love home.

love you all, im praying for you always

We aren't living in our area so once some missionaries move out of their house into their area, well move into that house.

Church was great! we didn't do a whole lot yesterday it was more of a chill day and so it was nice to kick back for a bit. I wouldn't want any other companion. The food here is great! I told Savanna about a burger place we go to called Sketch Burger that plays american music and we put requests in if were the only people in the restaurant.

I told the President I'm really struggling and he said to just stick it out and remember Christ in all things and I will be blessed. I cannot wait for the day when I feel comfortable speaking to the people here. I also realized Chihuahua is just like Arizona except for the fact that there are no plants. There are no cacti, few trees it's just barren desert. I think Dad will find this funny. maybe not funny but whatever. so Saturday( Ii think it was Saturday) we were teaching an investigator Luis in his front yard, and I hear across the street Creep by Radiohead blasting. It was so hard to focus for those 3 minutes and listen to him. The good thing was he really likes to talk, so I did kind of zone out for a second. I feel bad about it but I couldnt help it hahaha.

I love you all! I pray for you always!

Tuesday, July 19, 2016

Entering the Field - Culture Shock and Homesickness. Excepts from Bryce's email home.

Holy crap it's hot here! I spend six weeks in a slightly cooler climate, then I come back to death! hahah but yeah it gets hot here and I don't know Spanish! That is what I learned yesterday. I had to wake up at 2 to leave which was alright and then fly out here and everything and yeah up to that point so far so good. But after we got picked up, we were interviewed by President Montoya and everything, and I actually got out and was with my companion, Elder Mucino, everything went downhill. I think being so tired from not sleeping and my brain being bombarded with Spanish before then, made me not able to understand anything. I felt so out of place because I couldn't tell if people were talking to me, and if they were, what they were saying. Today has been a bit better because I'm less tired and can understand a little bit more.

I really like contacting. We have been doing it between appointments all day today and it is really helpful for me, because it makes me talk to everyone and I have to listen to everyone and I guess it’s just more practice. I’ll probably be fine in a few weeks and Spanish will come eventually I just need to stick it out. Culture shock is real!!!

My companion is Elder Muciño, who is Latino and doesn’t speak much English, so he’s pretty hard to understand sometimes. We are the only ones who live in our house because it is pretty small and I don’t have pictures becuase I had like 30 minutes last night to unpack and do everything. But yeah I’ve kinda been missing home a lot today for some reason. Maybe just because I feel out of place and don’t really have anyone to talk to besides my companion and not knowing what I’m doing most of the time is weird. Oh and my Ipod holds a charge for a grand total of 2 minutes.

So I’m in the city of Chihuahua, and my area is called Tecnológica 1, or the northern part of the city. We have some mountains in our area, and it’s a pretty big area. I havent cried yet. But emailing is making me feel like crying just a bit. Culture shock is real. It isnt like totally weird here, but it is definitely different. Pday is lunes, and I have no idea where we live because I dont know my way around the city yet haha.

I just feel like it’s hard for the people to trust me, and for me to be able to love them and help them if I cant understand them and my companion does all of the talking. I try but it’s really hard.

I love my companion to death! He’s super patient with me when I cant understand him and he’s a really cool guy! I think I just need to buckle down and continue to work. I’ve felt Satan all day today putting thoughts in my head like, man why couldn’t I get an English speaking mission, or why am I even here? It’s going to take forever to learn Spanish

I’m hoping that once I do become fluent and learn my areas that I can feel at home and not miss you guys or AZ or my friends or anything. Thats how it was yesterday. I was so tired and lost I could only focus on putting one foot in front of the other until 9:30. Thank you for your prayers, I’m going to need them. And know that I pray for you guys individually every night and love and miss you so much.
I miss CCM weather. and the CCM rain. The rain was amazing. I feel like it’ll never rain here

I do feel a lot better being able to talk to you guys. Still homesick but a bit better.

Monday, July 18, 2016

Short note home

Hi Mama so I made it to Chihuahua and I only have time to say that I'm here, but yeahIi made it!! Finally in the field. I haven't met my new companion yet but my Mission President is super cool and I like everyone that flew out with me.I'm the only one from the US that came here today and it was pretty weird. When the president interviewed me he said he was impressed with my spanish and that I should be speaking mostly fluently within the next 3-4 weeks. So that's exciting! But yeah I'm super excited to start serving and I'll tell you more about it next week. Love ya!

Wednesday, July 13, 2016

It's A Small World

Today I went to the Mexico City Temple and ran into 
Brother Lines. Here is the photo and email he sent to my Mom

  Dear Johnson Family,
I am Elder Lines and we sold the family cabin to your sister. I am serving as director of this visitors center. Imagine our surprise to meet your son, along with his instructor at the MTC, Sister Espinoza, who had served with us in Buenos Aires, Argentina. The world is such a small place in the Church. He is looking great and Sister Espinoza told me he is doing well too.  Sorry he can't stay here in our mission.  Just thought you would like to see a picture of your son from another source.
Elder Lines 

How we take group photos at the Casa :)


Leaving the CCM

Hola Amigos! This is my last Pday in the CCM! its been a loooooong six weeks and I'm so ready to step out into the world and teach. I know I'm going to get knocked down a few pegs from easy CCM Spanish to thousand word a minute Spanish, but I'm as ready as I'll ever be. There isn't really much to report this week because we do the same thing every day, sit in a class, eat, teach, more class. I get pretty restless in class all day, but its whatever. I really love teaching lessons, and personal study is one of my favorite times of the day. the spirit here is always so strong and I'm learning how to better listen and follow the promptings every day. other than that there isn't much to report. I'm sure next week will be waaaaay more eventful and I'm super excited to tell all about it!
love you all!

I'm going to miss my whole district! we're all weird and goofy and its great! we quote Spongebob at least 6 times a day. and heck yes I'm excited! Excited to not sit in a classroom for 12 hours a day! I'm excited to teach real people! oh and for our last choir thing last night we sang Army of Helaman and it was fantastic!! It was so powerful.