Monday, July 25, 2016

My First House (half house)

We'll be living with the District Leaders Elder Anton (gringo) and Elder Chan (mexican) That is the inside of our house its reeeeeaaaallllly teeny tiny

We are with the other missionaries a lot and we've actually already slept at their house 2 or 3 times when it was too late to go back to our house. They're in our ward and area so we've been with them a lot the past two weeks and I'm excited to live there. It'll be fun and good to have a bit more space than a little cramped 2 room half house haha I think it'll still be a rollercoaster after I get settled in and know a little more of what to do and how to do it here. But its slowly getting better which is very nice. Its mostly been tough because my feet have been destroyed the past 2 weeks so I've constantly been in pain because we walk so much. I finally pulled out the sewing kit and emergency kit for needles and alcohol wipes and popped some of the blisters on my feet and they feel a bit better. and I've been using my blanket at night because with the fan on full blast it gets kinda cold. My blanket is really soft and is going to be amazing in the winters. So sketch is definitely still a thing, if we have money to go haha. I still have cash on hand but the others don't really have money, so we go when members give us money instead of feeding us.
I don't think I have moleskin but I'm going to keep popping the blisters that fill up every night and hope it'll get better. I might be able to get some tomorrow because we didn't go shopping today. We went hiking to some caves with indian drawings in them. no pictures though because I forgot my camera, which was good because it started absolutely pouring rain and the car got stuck in the mud and we had to cross a few rivers to get back out.It was really fun though and was a cool experience. Anton and Chan said they didn't do anything fun like that when they were training.There hasn't really been anything new either except for walking and trying to learn Spanish. I'm so jealous about your trip to San Diego! The beach looked fantastic! I wish I could have been there with you guys. We definitely need to do some kind of trip after my mission. It's actually been nicer this week because it rained a ton. we got caught in it Wednesday and the rain was going sideways it was raining so hard.Iit rained again Thursday but with hail. In the summer. Crazy. We were in a members car so we didn't get destroyed again.