Monday, July 25, 2016

Week two in the Field - Another rough one

This week was definitely rough. I did feel a lot better after my last email though which was a blessing. It came in the form of comfort during a lesson and I felt prompted to share a scripture and it was really reassuring to have the spirit with me. I still dont understand anybody here, but I'm getting a little bit better. I'm hoping by the end of August to be able to mostly understand, but its a tall order. The heat hasn't let up here so we decided to get cowboy hats and now we look awesome. 

It is really fun to meet the people here though and I think just getting through the first couple months is the breaking point. But its already been almost 2 months since I left! how crazy! It feels like I left for the CCM two days ago, my mission yesterday, and now I'm here. Hopefully these next few weeks will get better and that as I continue to struggle it will get better. I've never had a headache from speaking or learning too much, but here it is definitely a real thing.

I feel like once I do get settled in more and I know the people and my area more that the time will fly and I'll love this piece of desert as much if not more than I love home.

love you all, im praying for you always

We aren't living in our area so once some missionaries move out of their house into their area, well move into that house.

Church was great! we didn't do a whole lot yesterday it was more of a chill day and so it was nice to kick back for a bit. I wouldn't want any other companion. The food here is great! I told Savanna about a burger place we go to called Sketch Burger that plays american music and we put requests in if were the only people in the restaurant.

I told the President I'm really struggling and he said to just stick it out and remember Christ in all things and I will be blessed. I cannot wait for the day when I feel comfortable speaking to the people here. I also realized Chihuahua is just like Arizona except for the fact that there are no plants. There are no cacti, few trees it's just barren desert. I think Dad will find this funny. maybe not funny but whatever. so Saturday( Ii think it was Saturday) we were teaching an investigator Luis in his front yard, and I hear across the street Creep by Radiohead blasting. It was so hard to focus for those 3 minutes and listen to him. The good thing was he really likes to talk, so I did kind of zone out for a second. I feel bad about it but I couldnt help it hahaha.

I love you all! I pray for you always!