Monday, August 15, 2016

Week 18 Random Pictures with Horses??

I can’t believe it’s already Monday, this week was so fast. The days are starting to blur together and usually I can’t believe I’m lying in bed at night. We got to listen to a General Authority on Tuesday! I think he’s a Seventy, but his name is Elder Hugo Montoya, President Montoya’s brother! We worked really hard this week and almost completed all of our goals which is really good in contrast with other weeks. My Spanish is improving slowly but surely because I speak it practically all day with Muciño. we have a couple investigating the church. Well the husband is  less active and his wife is not a member. We visited them almost every day this week, and one of the visits started with them fighting in front of their house while we waited in their gate, she came back crying and started to tell us what happened, then he came back and they started fighting again, and they asked us to come back later. so we’ve been really focusing on them and helping them understand and learn. They want to learn and we have a baptismal date for her on the 20th of September, so were doing everything we can to prepare them. so yeah. fun times.

Letters from Home

Brady's Picture

The kids are from a less active family we have been visiting. they start school next week and brought out their backpacks and school stuff to show us, so I took the five year old´s my little pony backpack and wore it and they wanted a picture with sunglasses on our heads.

The hello to you is in my talk notebook that I stole for talks and history notes. it was a nice little hello from home haha.  (This is Brenda - I'm known to doodle when I'm on the phone.  Bryce took this notebook from home and ran across one of my doodle pages)

We usually only eat with members and at home at the end of the day. we have one big meal at about 2, and snack every other time because the members feed us a ton. I write in my journal every night, but I write a lot and I can’t bring it with me because my bag is too small. The pineapple salad video was great. Savanna said they named my uke something else but I told them no it is the pineapple.

I was having trouble at first, but I’ve been having a lot better time recognizing and following the spirit. yesterday I saw a miracle. we left super early to wake people up for church and it was still raining and people didn’t want to come, so I said a prayer that the rain would stop for an hour, only an hour and that we could bring at least 6 people to church. I realized after I ended my prayer that the rain had stopped and we brought 6 people! an investigator and her daughters family and a couple others. it was such a blessing to me and I have learned that in lessons the things that usually pop into my head are what the spirit is telling me to say. it’s really cool. We have transfers every 6 weeks, but it depends on how long you or your comp have been in an area. or maybe not. idk how they decide who moves. I’m safe because I’m training, but others in our zone might be transferred. even my companion might be transferred because he’s been in this area for 4 months

 We eat a TON of spaghetti here. with almost every meal the members feed us spaghetti. it’s really weird but it’s usually good so we don’t complain. and I’m not picky anymore when the members feed us. it’s all super good so I don’t worry about it the thing is, they feed us a main dish like pizza, or chicken or other Mexican foods and serve spaghetti on the side. but we haven’t had the same food twice and we always eat a ton! it’s so hard to stay awake after meals because I’m so full. oh and we had Dominos Saturday because members gave us money, and Muciño and I bought our own pizzas, and I ate the whole thing. which means I’m getting fat.

Monday, August 8, 2016

Move to new house - 3rd week in the Field

I’m actually really good! I can’t believe that its already Monday. This week was sooooooo much better than the others. It was fast, I’m getting more accustomed to everything and it’s just getting easier overall. Friday was tough though. We moved in with the other Elders and had to move a bunch of stuff that the mission owns out of our house to a third house and it was really hot that day. We then walked really far to a different area to help the Hermana’s in our district with appointments. I’m pretty sure I got heat exhaustion because I just felt terrible. I went into one of the bathrooms of a less active and threw water on my face and drank a ton from the faucet. It got better once it started to cool down but I still needed rest. The neck cooling towel drys too fast so I haven’t been using it. It was also a problem because our old house didn’t have water after 8 or 9 in the morning so I couldn’t wet it again, and I think I’m just getting used to everything and settling in. The culture shock is almost gone and I’m understanding better every day.

I recorded Savanna's song last Sunday when we were walking and getting ready to take our suit coats off. We walked in them a lot yesterday too before church because we didn’t have time to drop our stuff off at the church before picking up investigators, so I sat in sacrament almost drenched in my suit. It was bad I got super cold after. I think it was from the air in the chapel and that my shirt was wet. I don’t know about getting them dry cleaned. I’m assuming yes, but we haven’t gone yet.

It was funny on Wednesday or Thursday we were walking and my companion got a phone call. We were by a dirt field with two kids playing baseball. I went over and asked if I could pitch to them. So I started playing baseball with two 11 year old Mexican boys. It was so much fun and I felt like Dad on Fathers and Sons playing wiffle ball with all the little kids at home. it was a nice little memory of home that I had forgotten.

I got your package on Wednesday and I love having so much music it’s fantastic! In the mornings I play music while I shower or wake up and it’s so nice not having to sit in silence all day. The rubber chickens are great haha we had a fight with them when I opened them at the end of the night. Oh and thanks for the brown doggy. I was looking through my package for food yesterday and saw a little thing wrapped in tape and saw it was the brown dog. I thought it was funny because we I already took the white one haha. My favorite thing was the surprise doggy I think. it was a fun little unexpected family joke. It felt like i was home again.
The brown and white doggies
I’m going to tape all of the letters I got on my wall in front of my desk. Caleb wrote a little letter and told me about his talk and gave me the talk to read. It was really cool to see that I was a role model. I didn’t think I had that big of an impact on them. Brady’s picture was hilarious. He drew a picture of us and our animals, including Cracky in Heaven. It was hilarious I should’ve taken a picture. I miss them all like crazy. we haven’t had a proper nerve war in over 2 months! Keagan asked when I was coming home because everyone misses me.

Oh we got to watch Olympic soccer this week! I forgot they were even a thing. It feels like they were just here in London though.

I love living with everyone. We've been with them for the past weeks for district meetings and zone conferences and stuff. They’re the zone leaders and so more people live in the house for less rent. Today we played football and soccer and cleaned the house. We’re going to get groceries after this and do service and we have an appt with the Bishop and an investigator at 8.