Wednesday, November 30, 2016

Climbing Mountains and Finding a House

So today was awesome and super exhausting!!! We woke up this morning and went and climbed a hill. More like mountain. Then we came back to get stuff to go play at the church and eat in Centro. We were there from 1-4:30. As we were walking to write home, the secretaries called me and asked me where our apartment is, because they had stuff to bring to us for it. So we booked it to the house, and the landlord wasn’t there. So I called him and he isn’t going to have the keys to the apartment until tomorrow, so we have to wait to move the stuff.  Then we went and helped the assistants and secretaries take other stuff to other elder’s houses.  We took took a bunch of stuff. Washers, fridges, desks, heaters, beds, and all the stuff a house needs basically. Then we took our stuff to the zone leader’s house, where we left it all and we will move it out to our house tomorrow. So yeah, now we're here to email.

We will be sleeping at the zone leader’s house again tonight. The mission wasn’t split it was a big area made into smaller areas. A bunch of new areas were opened, so a lot of new houses were bought and needed furnishings in each area.
We wanted to do something as a zone so we climbed a BIG hill.  It’s very hilly. 

We’ve been at Fowler’s all week looking for a house and living out of our suitcases.  We will be living in an apartment above a store named Aborrotes Gely. We went inside and checked it out first to make sure it was livable. It’s big for an apartment and I'm excited to finally move and get settled in  It’s basically a gated community! And it’s close to the church so I’m happy :)  Fowler lives super far from my area, so we’ll be seeing him like three times a week I think.
Bryce, Elder Garcia, Sister Missionaries
Elder Garcia and Bryce (New Companions)
It hasn’t been hard to train yet because we just kind of do the same thing that I did with my other comps, I just have to explain a lot more things. We contacted a bit, but not much more than that. Just a little bit. We’ve been more focused on learning the area, and finding a place to live in our area. My companion is super cool and is ready to work hard! He’s had a

tough time adjusting to the schedule, but it’s getting better. I’m just excited to get the stress of finding a house out of the way and finally move on and get to work with him here.

Q. Are you sad to leave Fowler?
No I’m sick of living out of my suitcase.

Our house isn't super close to Fowler, but with how big my area is, it’s relatively close.

I’ve been spoiled for the rest of my mission with my mansion house that I lived in in the Villas.

Q.  How do you get to the mission home?

By taxi. But we don’t go unless we have an interview with president or if there is something going on at the offices. Hopefully someone from our zone will be there to check soon though!

Q.  How are you doing? How are your spirits?
I’m doing great! I was a little homesick for villas and my friends I had there, but it’s getting better here now. 

Q. So you were homesick for Mexico?  That's kind of funny actually.
My first home in Mexico ha-ha
(funny he’s not homesick for his American home, he’s homesick for his Mexico house and his friends –more like brothers- he left behind) (I think it’s just that he’s been floating for a week without a house so once he’s settled in his own house, he’ll not miss the old.  I think what he’s really missing is the constant of day to day life and a set schedule)

But yes enjoy the pics and I’ll talk to you hopefully earlier next week! Bye mama love you pieces!!

Tuesday, November 22, 2016

New Area, New Companion, New Trainer, Lots of see you laters

Hey friends and family! So this week was crazy fo sho! We worked super hard this week, brought 5 people to church, have a baptism set for next Sunday... and I get transferred. Bummer. Elder Fowler and I both got transferred out of Villas to a different Zone called Chuviscar! He got bumped up to Zone Leader and I’m training a greenie! 
Bryce and Elder Fowler (both transferred to a different area)
We all packed last night and are now in the new zone but we don’t have a house yet... we are going to be looking for one this week with some help from our new Bishop and the Ward Mission Leader and other members. Hopefully we can find a house quick and get on our feet a bit in the area.  We are splitting the area with the sisters that are already here, so we split the area down the middle and made a new area. We are opening an area out of a bigger area basically.

Goodbye Elder Harrison, See you soon Elder Fowler

Elder Chan, Elder Fowler, Bryce, Elder Harrison (All four were transferred out of the "Big House")

Goodbye Elder Chan

Goodbye Elder Chan and Elder Harrison
My companions name is Elder Garcia. His desire to spread the gospel is so strong and he is ready to talk to anyone and everyone about the gospel! I’m super excited to train though even though it is a big responsibility! I’m not sure who my district leader is, but I’m sure we’ll find out soon who it is.  We are living with Fowler and his comp until we can find a house. We live about 30-40 minutes from my last area.  Fowler is my new Zone Leader so we won't be too far apart! We are definitely going to hang on p-day!

I’m a trainer now or Senior  Companion. My comp is cool so far! Can’t really gauge him very well after 3 hours, but so far it’s been good! He’s itching to work and share the gospel, so it shouldn’t be that hard to train him honestly! 
He’s from the state of Mexico, by Mexico City. We are going to be living alone instead of a big house with four guys.’s fresh off the airplane! He’s tall but he’s a bit thicker too. I think I’m a bit taller but we make a big companionship!  
Elder Garcia (New companion) and Elder Johnson at the internet cafe - Elder Fowler is in the background with his new companion.
This week we had a baptism set for President Snow for the upcoming Sunday, but I got changed, so I’m hoping that I can go back to baptize him. I think President Montoya is kind of strict on that so we’ll see. Nain brought his whole family to church yesterday which was amazing! He didn’t even tell us it was happening; he just kind of brought them and showed them everything in the church! We’re going to keep praying for him to know baptism is right and to take that first step soon!

Oh! And I saw Muciño! He’s training again this cycle!
Muciño is in the Maroon sweater.  He was Bryce's first companion and trainer in Chihuahua
There were just a lot of shoes so we took a pic, because we haven’t ever been to that part of the area before because it was at the very edge super far away. I never knew what it meant in the first place...
There was a parade for the Mexican Revolution celebrated on November  20th The school by the house had a parade with all of the kids and it was super cool!  This was the view from our upstairs window.

But that’s about it for this week! Hopefully I’ll have more interesting things to share and that we can have a house by then hahaha. But until then the work goes on! byyyyeeee!!!!

Wednesday, November 16, 2016

Doctor Johnson

Hey everyone! This week was definitely interesting to say the least! Last Monday after we emailed, one of our investigators took us to Costco! I never thought I would be so happy to go to Costco in my life! We bought a ton of food and messed around in the store (see pictures) and just felt like we were back in the states again!

 We had a lot of good lessons this week too! We’ve had trouble in the past bringing members with us in this area to lessons, and we had a good amount this week for the lack of members!

A few of the lessons came from a family who we call "the problem children". They fight a lot and have problems sometimes (obviously), but this one takes the cake. The husband (not husband they’re not married but) stepped on some glass about a month ago and didn’t do anything about it. So it got infected and he waited a week to go get it checked on. Doctors look at it to do their thing, and end up cutting his big toe and the toe next to it completely off, bone and flesh and much more. So when they finally got back home for us to visit, they ask me to help them clean the foot and change the bandages. At first I thought they were kidding, and then they hand me a pair of latex gloves, which I snap like a doctor when I put them on, and then we clean it and re bandage it.

My comp has a weak stomach so he stays as far away as possible while it goes on because the foot is pretty nasty to be honest, but they ask me to do it EVERY TIME WE GO. Then they ask us to come back, so I’ve done it almost every day this week. I’ve actually seen changes in the muscle and stuff that’s growing back it’s so blech.

My question to Bryce: So I'm confused why the "wife" isn't changing the bandages?   She is but I guess they like it when we help? We’ve kind of started taking turns doing the different processes.

My question to Bryce: Does it gross you out to change the bandages?  You’re the kid that gets grossed out when we open a can of tuna.  No it doesn’t gross me out because I don’t have to eat it.

Then we had a normal week aside from that. We are trying for a baptism this week and are helping the dude to find answers about baptism, so we fasted with him Saturday and Sunday. I have faith that he will know baptism is right for him, because he really likes the church and he comes and just walks right into the meetings without us and is right at home there. So we are super excited for him!  President Snow is still committed!  I'm hopint we can baptize him on Sunday after church.

Q:  Did you have both prospective members before Preston was your companion? We already had Pres Snow, but we found Nain together. Who’s Preston again? (Bryce tells me his name is Fowler.  Not Elder Fowler, Not Preston, Just Fowler).

OH!!!! It’s been super cold this week so I’ve been wearing sweaters, I bought a jacket at Costco, and I’ve been using my electric blanket! Holy cow it is like heaven!!!
Elder Fowler and Elder Johnson teaching English in sweaters :)

There are a lot of new missionaries coming so there are going to have to be a lot of changes, a lot of trainers, a lot of new areas opened, stuff like that. 

I feel like I’m getting changed this cycle, but who knows what’s going to happen!  I’ve definitely been spoiled from this area with the house and the comps. Fowler thinks I’m getting changed too. He thinks I’m going to be training. Who knows? I’m kind of hoping that if I do get changed and am training that I get a gringo comp, because 15 of the 18 coming are American. Word got around the mission quick that 15 new Americans are coming, because that’s almost unheard of!  One is Elder Fardos right? If I have a gringo then I’m hoping I can continue teaching English lessons wherever I end up.  Our English class went well this week! We had a lot of people show up Thursday which was awesome! I’m sad that I probably won’t get to keep teaching it though.

Q:  Is it normal to change companions after just one six week cycle? Yeah it’s completely normal! Before the Presidents changed, there would be mini changes 3 weeks into the cycle.  
Q: Is it normal to train right when you just get out of training? Yeah it's normal.  My first comp just finished his training then trained me!

Q:  How long have the guys in your district been there? Gibson is about to finish his first cycle in the mission. Harrison got here 6 weeks after I did, Nicoll has 6 months here, so I think we are both gone.

Today was our last zone activity before changes.  We went bowling and had a blast! It was so much fun goofing off and throwing bar for a bit for the last time as a zone!  The bowling alley was closed when we got there so we went and ate while we waited. 


We at at Boston's.  The best burger I've had since being in Chihuahua!

 Back to Bowling 

Elder Johnson and Elder Nicolls

Elder Harrison, Elder Johnson, Elder Nicolls, and Elder Gibson
Question from Bryce:  Who are the missionaries in our ward? Elder Purchase told me a while back that they got transferred out, so I dont know who’s in our ward? Who do we have? Could you send pictures of them? I like to know who is in our ward.

Answer:  We have sister missionaries now.

We have sister missionaries in the ward? Since when? I dont think that’s happened before!

Q: If we send any clothes for Christmas do you want them washed before we send them?  Sure! I would love to smell home again! And fabric softener and machine dried clothes.

I’ve been really happy here the last few weeks! We’re working hard and doing well here.

I hope all is well at home! Love you all and miss ya tons!