Tuesday, December 13, 2016

27. Six Months

This little guy just made it six months in Mexico!!

No Pictures this week because the internet cafe doesn't have memory card readers. I put a reader in his Christmas box so hopefully next week we get double pictures.

We got a call one night last week to head home immediately and we went home. Now we go home an hour earlier every night and have to be extra careful after dark. There are areas we shouldn’t go at night, but we have already been staying away from those places. We should be fine as long as we do what we are supposed to and listen to the spirit!

We went to our ward mission leader’s house because he was the one feeding us that day. We bought the stuff to make Peanut Butter Cookies with Hershey's kisses on top. It was my idea and I was so happy after we made the. It was just like Christmas at home!!!

We still need a water heater and don't have any tools or supplies to get the stove working. Yes. VERY cold showers hahah. But on the bright side it helps us take short showers and get ready faster in the morning!

This week was boring because we still don’t have anyone to teach, so we just walked and no one opened their doors.

My comp is good! He is trying to learn English so I have been helping him a lot with translations and stuff and how to say sentences. He really wants to learn and speak English by the end of his mission so I hope I can help him a lot now. I bought him his Christmas present today too! He has been wanting a speaker so bad to play his own music and practice listening to English and just to have his own. So today after we ate we went and did splits and I bought him one! I’m so excited to give it to him on Christmas! I told him in the beginning he should save up a certain amount of money every week and by the end of January he could buy one, so this will be an awesome surprise!!

I’m doing great here! A little discouraged that we still haven’t been able to find people to consistently teach, but we are trying to change that every day. I don't like having to start over just like in the beginning but we have the house; we have the teachings and the spirit, now we just need the people.

We haven’t stopped praying to find people all week and we have a few appointments planned, but so far who knows? I've settled into the new area, actually kind of know my way around and have hope for more investigators this week. That’s the main thing. When we have people and are teaching time goes super-fast, but when we don’t have anyone, it kind of drags on.

I completed 6 months this week, that was a happy moment!