Wednesday, November 30, 2016

Climbing Mountains and Finding a House

So today was awesome and super exhausting!!! We woke up this morning and went and climbed a hill. More like mountain. Then we came back to get stuff to go play at the church and eat in Centro. We were there from 1-4:30. As we were walking to write home, the secretaries called me and asked me where our apartment is, because they had stuff to bring to us for it. So we booked it to the house, and the landlord wasn’t there. So I called him and he isn’t going to have the keys to the apartment until tomorrow, so we have to wait to move the stuff.  Then we went and helped the assistants and secretaries take other stuff to other elder’s houses.  We took took a bunch of stuff. Washers, fridges, desks, heaters, beds, and all the stuff a house needs basically. Then we took our stuff to the zone leader’s house, where we left it all and we will move it out to our house tomorrow. So yeah, now we're here to email.

We will be sleeping at the zone leader’s house again tonight. The mission wasn’t split it was a big area made into smaller areas. A bunch of new areas were opened, so a lot of new houses were bought and needed furnishings in each area.
We wanted to do something as a zone so we climbed a BIG hill.  It’s very hilly. 

We’ve been at Fowler’s all week looking for a house and living out of our suitcases.  We will be living in an apartment above a store named Aborrotes Gely. We went inside and checked it out first to make sure it was livable. It’s big for an apartment and I'm excited to finally move and get settled in  It’s basically a gated community! And it’s close to the church so I’m happy :)  Fowler lives super far from my area, so we’ll be seeing him like three times a week I think.
Bryce, Elder Garcia, Sister Missionaries
Elder Garcia and Bryce (New Companions)
It hasn’t been hard to train yet because we just kind of do the same thing that I did with my other comps, I just have to explain a lot more things. We contacted a bit, but not much more than that. Just a little bit. We’ve been more focused on learning the area, and finding a place to live in our area. My companion is super cool and is ready to work hard! He’s had a

tough time adjusting to the schedule, but it’s getting better. I’m just excited to get the stress of finding a house out of the way and finally move on and get to work with him here.

Q. Are you sad to leave Fowler?
No I’m sick of living out of my suitcase.

Our house isn't super close to Fowler, but with how big my area is, it’s relatively close.

I’ve been spoiled for the rest of my mission with my mansion house that I lived in in the Villas.

Q.  How do you get to the mission home?

By taxi. But we don’t go unless we have an interview with president or if there is something going on at the offices. Hopefully someone from our zone will be there to check soon though!

Q.  How are you doing? How are your spirits?
I’m doing great! I was a little homesick for villas and my friends I had there, but it’s getting better here now. 

Q. So you were homesick for Mexico?  That's kind of funny actually.
My first home in Mexico ha-ha
(funny he’s not homesick for his American home, he’s homesick for his Mexico house and his friends –more like brothers- he left behind) (I think it’s just that he’s been floating for a week without a house so once he’s settled in his own house, he’ll not miss the old.  I think what he’s really missing is the constant of day to day life and a set schedule)

But yes enjoy the pics and I’ll talk to you hopefully earlier next week! Bye mama love you pieces!!