Tuesday, November 8, 2016

Week 22 - Lucky Shirt Lives!!

Hey everyone! This week was pretty cool la verdad (the truth)! We walked a lot and taught a bit less than usual, but that’s ok because we have a few for sure baptisms coming up in the next few weeks. 

For Halloween we decided to clean the house for a while because we hadn’t had the chance in a couple weeks, and we then went out to look for pumpkins to carve. We found some and carved for 2-3 hours sharing knives, sharpies, using pages of a phonebook to cover the floor, anything we could find to use basically! Then we set them outside all week to show off from our gated porch.

On Wednesday and Thursday Elder Fowler and I started something new: we started teaching English! We started teaching English classes 2 days a week and are going to continue them until the end of the cycle and hopefully after - if we both stay here. The lessons went well but there weren’t very many people because we didn’t have much time to advertise, but announcing it in the ward was good too! I’m excited for the classes this next week to see what happens.  We had 3  and 5 the first 2 days. So not bad because it was easier to teach what they needed and wanted to learn.

Both investigators are doing well! They both came to church this week again, and after we write today Nain is going to take us to Costco! 

Other than that we had a normal week and we are super tired! The mornings came super-fast every single day!  We’re going to try super hard to keep finding new investigators this week and find more people to teach.

I’m definitely nervous because life is good here! We have people getting ready to be baptized too in the next cycle and I want to be here for Christmas. We get along really well! We have the same sense of humor and are always joking around and laughing. It’s a super fun companionship. 

Oh something I left out too, we haven’t had power in the house for 3 days because we may or may not have forgotten to pay the power bill... it’s getting turned on today though so we should be good for washing clothes and shouldn’t have to iron in the church anymore hahaha We kind of forgot to pay.... but it was fun because last night we were playing some games with a headlamp hanging off of one of the chandeliers and it was like playing by a campfire or something!  I really don’t want to have to keep going to the church to iron, so I’m ready to get it back. 

When I asked Bryce if Elder Fowler cut his hair…No it was a barber, but I’m so white that with my hair short like that it looks like I don’t have much hair in pictures. I still have sideburns kind of... and yes I took my lucky shirt! 

Bryce and some of his best friends each chose one shirt and wore it EVERY SINGLE WEDNESDAY their junior and senior year.  Bryce Picked this shirt (Why I have no idea).  He grew out of his Junior year shirt so this is his Senior year Lucky Shirt.  I was so excited to see he still had it! Great memories for mom.

When asked where the extra large hat came from :).....Oh I bought that at the big garage sale thing for like 80 pesos ($4)

Last cycle the District went shopping and bought fabric that said Mexico and someone in the ward was going to make ties.  My guess is this is what the pictures are of?

Elder Nicoll and Elder Johnson

I have no clue what they're doing??

The Gumby hat was part of a mascot costume that some members had out so Fowler and I tried it on and took pictures.

In response to Youth Conference in Arizona and Savanna (Bryce's sister) playing a quartet at the Fireside

It sounds like the weekend with Youth Conference was super spiritual for you guys. Wow I wish I could’ve been there to hear it! I love meetings like that! It’s amazing how the Lord works like that. (The song was not assigned so Savanna chose it and all the impromptu speakers talked about Satan's side or the Lord's side and making a firm and strong choice) I saw you put the song in my drive so I’ll go listen to it really fast! That was beautiful! Yeah it was amazing! I’m downloading it right now to my memory card to listen to later so I hope it finishes in time because its big. The song was amazing and I loved it! I got it all and I can’t wait to listen to it again! I see why President Jobe and President Wold cried! Question to sister: How long did you practice for that? Answer: We had two Sundays and wrote most of it ourselves. Mom had us record it in the hall real quick since we can't record in the chapel.

Lianna Foliaki - Viola,  Malina Susim - violin,  Savanna Johnson - violin, Emmalyn Jones - Cello

I actually kind of miss the violin practicing to be honest... it’s really weird not having constant violin or piano or whatever all of the time. 

I want you all to know that I love for ya and pray for you guys constantly!