Saturday, November 5, 2016

Week 21.5 Sweet Message from Mother in Chihuahua

From time to time residents of Chihuahua will send me updates or photos over facebook messenger.  It's always such a sweet surprise.  I was at work and just having a hard week and all of the sudden three photos of  Bryce came onto my phone along with this message.  So of course I cried!  Love my Elder and appreciate the thoughtfulness of Sister Monse Dominguez.

Message from Monse: Today I had the privilege of feeding the missionaries and thought you would like to see these photos. They are excellent missionaries!

 I congratulate you on having a great son. He always thinks of giving extra. Tomorrow, Thursday, he will be teaching English to members of this neighborhood.
He is an excellent missionary and a great person. The Spanish almost has dominated. This Sunday said a great speech and everything said in Spanish.

Bless this sweet, thoughtful woman!