Friday, February 3, 2017

35 It's Cold

It has been so cold this week!  I busted out the scarf  Fowlers’ mom sent me and it was delicious!  I’ve never used one before because it’s never been cold enough and I've never had one. My nose got really cold and I looked like a Tusken Raider from Star Wars with my glasses.

This week was good!  My comp and I talked for a couple hours last Monday about what we should do to progress more, and while we were praying a thought came to my head to start over and drop everyone. We basically dropped all of our investigators and started over contacting and finding more people. We contacted a lot and brought two people to church for the first time in nine weeks! It was so exciting!  Our plan is to basically just talk to everyone and follow up more on those contacts. We’ve also been working more with the ward asking for references and teaching with members so that has been a huge help as well!

Transfers are the 12th and 13th, so we have two weeks left of this cycle
My spirits have definitely gone up with bringing people to church and them telling us they want to come back.

Oh, and Nain is getting baptized!!!!  He’s going to get married and be baptized with his wife and son! He invited Fowler and I and were going on the 11th!