Thursday, February 23, 2017

37 Snow - Parral, Mexico

 New Area:  Parral, Mexico

Bryce and Elder Morgan

Bryce and Elder Morgan

 You guys aren't going to believe it but last week it snowed!!! We were studying one morning and I heard rain hitting the roof or something, and I looked out the window and it was snowing! I took a video but the internet connection here is too slow to send it over. we still worked that day. It snowed for about 5 minutes and it was just cold and windy the rest of the day. I feel like his area is going to be way hotter than mine when it heats up.  

My comp is cool! His name is  Elder Morgan. He's been out for 4 months and finished his training. He's a bit quiet sometimes, but He's been opening up more the past few days. We're getting along well so that's good.  His spanish is coming along, and He still has a little trouble speaking and pronouncing the words, but he does well. My week was tiring! I felt like I hardly slept because the morning always came so fast!  I always wake up like 2 minutes before the alarm and think it's the middle of the night, and then it goes off and I cry because I want to sleep. (Good sign he's back in a busy area!) 

I asked Bryce to tell me his three favorite things about his new companion Elder Morgan.  Bryce says:  Hes obedient, likes to learn/study, and speaks english!! haahah.

It feels like I'm opening a new area all over again. But yeah I'm super excited to keep working here and finding new people to teach. We contacted a bunch this week and are still looking for new investigators. They didn't have anything basically when I arrived, but its easier work here too so that's ok we'll pick it back up in the next week or two. 

I DIDNT GET TO GO to Nain's baptism. I was so sad. President wouldn't let anyone go. I don't think he is letting anyone go anymore. Nain and his family came to the transfers last Monday and said Hi. It was so good to see them after they got baptized and to talk to them again! (Nain is an investigator Bryce found when he was companions with Elder Fowler - back in November 2016).

When asked about safety: I feel the same her as in Chihuahua, but we go home at 9pm again instead of 8pm which was kind of weird. 

OH! I forgot to tell you about the talent show the stake(actaully called a district because they are all branches not wards) but friday they had a talent show where all of the branches had people show their talents(duh) and 2 minutes before the show, my zone leader comes up and asks me if I would be willing to help with something. idk how he got involved because he's from a different branch, but some members asked me if I would be able to read a form to marry someone, but to do it in a funny way, or to be funny up on stage. So I did it! I went up and "married" two couples, and asked them funny questions like if they still wanted to be married even though he was short, or she didn't want to cook, and everyone was laughing. It was fun! I'm not sure how it happened, but yeah it was all in spanish and all super funny. No one took pics or videos though so I was sad :(

I asked Bryce if he lives in this castle house:  hahaha no its just in the area and it looked cool like the castle houses we would look at back home.

Oh but the church building here is huge!!!! It's  two stories and it just looks giant!

Side View of the Church
Front of Church


Theres a school right next to us with a metal roof. We live where the window is above the street! Thats where we sleep. It's so nice having a closet again and a kitchen and an actual house you have no idea. We have everything to cook! There is another house up top I think but I'm not entirely sure (Possibly residents in the part with the double windows). It was nice when we moved in to the store to finally have somewhere to live in the area, but after a while it sucked. It was a room with beds. (The living arrangement in his last area was a store with two rooms in - no kitchen, cooking, closets, just empty rooms of a store).

I told Bryce good thing he's colorblind because
 his new house is very colorful. Hahaha yeah 
the walls are pink and its tiny, but its a nice place!