Monday, February 27, 2017

38 Sleeping on the couch (again) - Injured Companion

This depicts the state of work within the companionship this week. Elder Morgan is injured and Bryce is hanging around without a companion. Get better soon Elder Morgan:)

Elder Morgan was passed out on the way home from the doctor. They gave him anti-inflammatory injections and he slept the whole way home. (3 hours)

This has been a super crazy week holy cow! We worked Monday night and Tuesday, and then on Wednesday we rode the bus to Chihuahua. My companions ankle was still hurting him from a few weeks ago when he sprained it so we had to have the doctor take a look at it. We were on busses all day and didn’t do anything. He was told to stay and rest. We then rode the bus back to Parral. So I’ve been staying with the zone leaders from Thursday until today. Elder Morgan had to bus back to Chihuahua on Thursday and stay in the mission offices to rest. I haven’t been able to work in my area hardly at all. We didn’t get to bring anyone to church because we couldn’t commit anyone on Saturday, and I’ve been sick all week. It’s been fun :)
We don’t really have any future investigators right now...:/ We have people that we’ve contacted, but it’s been hard to follow up with them and get in their houses. The good thing is, on Thursday we have a zone conference and I hope Morgan is coming back. I don’t know if he’s going to stay and work. Depends on what the doctor says this week about his ankle. If he does stay, I’m pretty sure we can get back to work and finish out the week well. . I’m staying with the Zone Leaders for as long as I don’t have a companion, and I haven’t been in my house since Thursday.
I’ve been sick all week and stressed trying to do everything in my area by myself, and not being able to work in my area very much. I’m feeling a lot better physically today and we are getting more members to help us and plan to do more with the members of my branch, so this week should be good.
We haven’t been able to do many visits. I did take some members on splits on Friday, but no one was home to visit. It’s really hard to do a visit in my area then go to the area of the Zone Leaders, then back to mine. I’m hoping we can take a lot more members out on splits to work more in my area like normal.
If I take a member then I can go and contact people in my area. If we don’t have a member to help, I have to go in a trio with the Zone Leaders. I have definitely learned a lot on how I can be a better leader and do more in my area by being with the Zone Leaders. But I’ve been talking with the branch president and the elders quorum president about going on visits with home teachers and visiting their less active families in hopes of reactivating them, meeting/knowing more of the branch, and finding more references and people to teach and baptize.

It’s not the house that bothers me it’s the fact that I can’t be working in my area and finding people. I think my Zone Leaders feel the same way, because we basically have 2 areas right now and it’s really hard
It’s not too far, but walking back and forth between my area and their area all day definitely wastes a lot of time. We did that a few times, but for like 30 minutes each time when we didn’t have appointments or plans. I have a suitcase there in their house right now with my clothes.

I made kettle corn!! I’m enjoying my memories of kettle corn at home! I have a video. But I won’t be able to load it up in time so I didn’t load it up. But I was making kettle corn and showed that we had everything for it in the cupboards.

Not very many spiritual experiences to note this week, but I did talk to one of my zone leaders and studied with him D&C:76 and we had a good talk about what I can do to better my area and help my district more and that helped a lot. D&C:76 1–4, The Lord is God; 5–10, The mysteries of the kingdom will be revealed to all the faithful;