Monday, January 23, 2017

34 Climbing Mountains - Literally and figuratively

Our week wasn’t very good work wise. We weren’t able to teach very much and we didn’t have anyone in church again, but we aren’t discouraged! We are still ready to work hard and keep teaching and finding. 

Standing on the washing machine in the bedroom (why??)

Mountain hike with the Zone on P-day


Videos of the Hike

 Soccer with the Zone on P-Day

Yeah we haven’t brought anyone to church in 9 weeks.  When I was in my other area, we never had problems bringing two or more every week. It’s been really rough.

I have no idea why. The people we contact always live somewhere else, or don’t want anything. I don’t know what president thinks about it just emailed him about it today. We’ll see what he says next week. I told him maybe he’s just there to plant seeds that grow later That’s what I was thinking too, but that stinks being a planter.  Plus I want to stay another cycle or two to keep working in our investigators and help them more. But we’ll see what happens in three weeks
We did meet up with one lady that accepted baptism and the first two lessons, but she didn’t come to church and I don’t know why. She said her son was going to take her, and when we called in the morning she didn’t answer We couldn’t get a hold of her after church.

I honestly feel like we are working hard.

It doesn’t bother me much that we don’t have contacts, because we can keep trying for them every day, what bums me out is when we have an investigator that after a few lessons doesn’t want anything. That’s been a big issue here too.