Tuesday, January 10, 2017

32 Happy Birthday to Elder Garcia

Did you watch the video I sent? That was a part of my meeting that I did with my district and part of another, because the whole district wasn’t there,so they came in with me. The point was to be diligent, and the balloons represent many things in our lives and as missionaries. we have to be constantly juggling them and running one to the other, or they fall and are forgotten. For example, if one was an investigator family and we let them drop, they won’t progress. So we have to be diligent in keeping up all of our balloons. Even if it is only 1-2 at a time.

One thing this week was after we were talking to some people about our beliefs and everything, they didn’t want to listen or give us the time of day, and in church I was sitting and thinking about it, and I realized and wrote down in my agenda, that not even Christ Himself could convince everyone, and that really helped me.

It’s my comps bday today and he said he wanted to go to KFC to eat, so we went and ate.

The coke glass came for 20 more pesos at KFC so I had to buy it.

Speaking of temple trips, I was thinking this week if when I got back and we did a temple trip, but in Spanish? you guys could have headsets to listen in English and I would do it in Spanish? that would be really cool!

Contacting has been good, but we are still struggling right now with people to teach. It always falls through for some reason. The ward is super cool and they actually support and help us. The Bishop here is new so he is working hard right now to get everything together. so it’s been good!

We walked a ton again, and everything went crazy because gas prices went up. it was 
nuts hahaha because the prices of everything went way up, and people in southern 
Mexico were robbing stores and raiding. I have no idea why it went crazy but it did! 
Everyone was freaking out and asking more and more about trump.
EVERYONE asks! Anyone that sees I’m white asks. It’s quite bothersome because I don’t know anything going on with Trump.

We got hot water finally! that was fantastic!

Love you all tons.