Monday, January 9, 2017

31 District Leader, I have an accent

Hey everybody!!! I’m sorry I haven’t been writing as much but things have been crazy! Training, opening area, hills, hills, hills... Christmas was fantastic huge thank you to everyone who sent packages and Christmas wishes! We had a good time passing Christmas and New Year here and it was soooooo good to talk to the fam again after 6 months!! But like the title says apparently I have an accent now... I don’t know what accent it might be, but to them I talk weird hahaha.

This past Sunday was crazy too for sure! So we pass by for our investigators and no one is home AGAIN, so we walk to church and get in kind of late and sit down. right as the meeting is starting the ward secretary comes up to me and says, "Elder, can you take some of the time and speak today?" so in 20 minutes I prepared a 15 minute talk on obedience from the scriptures and gave the talk. I never thought that would have happened in my mission...

 Then yesterday was transfer Sunday, which is always craaaaaaaazy! My Zone leader Elder Fowler called me at like 7 to ask me if we locked up the church after our zone party, and I told him yes, then out of nowhere he tells me he knows the changes, but he can’t tell yet. That to me meant that I or my comp had changes, so we were freaking out a bit hahaha. But after we got home we waited for a little bit, then I get a call from president! Freak out time! The last time I got a call from president was when he gave me the assignment to train, so I had no idea what this would be about. Then he tells me I have a change in assignment, and that I’m the new District Leader, and that most of my district got changed! So we’ll see how that goes in the next couple of weeks! 

But other than that everything is going well here. We are working hard, talking to everyone, and we`re slowly building up the area! Hope everything is good back home and that everyone has a great 2017!!