Tuesday, June 6, 2017

One Year, Service, and Sewer

Yep 1 year to the day on Wednesday!  Someone asked me about that and I said it absolutely flew by!  My hump day was last week yes, but the official 1 is this week. Funny how that works huh?

(I emailed Bryce that Elder Fardos posted a picture of the rain last Monday.  I told him it looked more like a flood than just rain). Yeah I didn’t know it was that strong until we actually left the cyber... because we then went to bail the water out of a member’s house, then went across the street (where the pics are from) We did that for 3 houses too. The drainage got clogged from the rain so the sewer water got into all of the houses and flooded them. Remember the flood we had?  Take that, but add poop, garbage and cockroaches and that’s what we were cleaning up. We made sure to scrub ourselves off well after to make sure we got all of the crap (heh heh) off of us and that we wouldn’t get infected for our service. It was pretty nasty though to be honest.
The guy in bright shoes is Michael Neumann, he served here 2 years ago and came back and married a girl here, so he’s living here until he can take her back. Turns out he’s from mesa, went to mesa high. They’re going back to mesa in August. We’re like his best friends because he doesn’t really have any friends here or in the ward.
(I asked Bryce to tell me two acts of service he gave this week - this was his response)  Other service acts... last week we were sitting at our contact park when a truck pulled up and started unloading things to sell in the park. We didn’t know what they were but went and helped. Turns out they were ceramics and they sell those and put out tables and chairs and supplies to paint the ceramics. We helped them Friday, Saturday, Sunday and then this weekend too. Turns out the lady in charge of the business has a Book of Mormon from almost a year ago, and we talked to her about religion and stuff yesterday. She told us our help has really impacted her and her family. They’ve felt more peace and tranquility and have even talked about how wave helped them. It was really amazing to me that they took so much from our little example of kindness. She even wants to give us one figure each to paint.  We’re going to take a pic with them on Friday in the park! That’s like 6 acts of service counting the days that we served. We usually just set up and leave, or contact the customers then leave, but yesterday we stayed and talked about the Book of Mormon and religion in general. She seems really interested actually!  The park is really close to our house and it’s where we contact almost everyone we meet. They always come at the same time, so we would always be there contacting and help them unload when they show up.

(I emailed this to Bryce along with  photos)  This week the Dominguez family drove from Chihuahua to Tucson to go through the new Temple. I jokingly asked her to sneak me back to Chihuahua in her car and she said she would lol.  I told her I would sneak back in her car if it wasn't against the rules!  The Dominguez family was one Bryce’s families away from home at the beginning of his Mission.
Weird I was just thinking about them the other day! Trying to remember the members that had made an impact on me so far in the mission.