Sunday, June 18, 2017

53 Pokémon - Fire or Water?

My week was alright. The baptisms fell through from Sunday, we had 3 people in church, but none of the potential baptisms came. We ended up leaving 4 of the investigators because they aren’t progressing and don’t want to do anything. The other investigator went to another city for 2 weeks so she’s not going to be baptized for at least another month. But I’m not worried about it at all! I told President in my letter that’s what happened and I’m not stressing!  We have a lot of other investigators that we are excited to teach and bring to church so we will be working a lot this week to help them a lot!

We won’t be baptizing on the 17th though so that kind of stinks.

So we’ve been working on finding more and on those we had found before but hadn’t followed up with a lot. It has been pretty hot here, but that’s nothing new. I’m drinking tons of water and keeping in the shade at all possible times too.

I’m feeling good all around. Martinez and I get a long really well and that’s helped a lot with things. We just always joke around and are goofing off in a good way and work really hard and well together. Physically I haven’t felt better and emotionally and spiritually I’m doing great! Oh and the paint people gave us each a statue to paint so we chose Pokémon!

Apparently this is what happens when it's night and work for the day is complete :) These two had me cracking up. I cut 3 minutes out of the video so just their fire/water exchange is in this one.