Sunday, October 23, 2016

Week 19 New Companion

My companion is awesome!!  We’re super similar and like a lot of the same stuff! This week was super hot and a bit harder because I was making all of the same appointments and had to take us everywhere, but it was super good! We actually team teach. My last companion didn’t really trust in me that much I don’t think so he would talk a lot or make the plans, or change them and not tell me, stuff like that. Idk if it was because he thought I was a greenie, but this week was a lot better.

In response to is Elder Fowler wearing your shirt?  No he has one too! He and his little sister love the flash like Jenn and I do! He has that one and I have it too, but I wanted to wear the blue one. They are a little big though, but they are stinkin awesome!

Yeah its super funny because his little sister loves the flash and I told him Jenn loves the flash so he was telling his sister about Jenn and stuff. It’s kind of weird how similar we are and like what our families like and do and stuff. 
Oh and I forgot to say that Fowler and his family always watched Survivor and Amazing Race.  hahaha

We were welding at the investigators house that we are trying to get married.

In response to the name of the kids car we got a few weeks ago…You named the car dolphie?! What kind of a name is that? 

Bryce being Bryce