Friday, June 24, 2016

Mexico City Temple

This week has been such a faith builder and my testimony has grown so much. Right from the start we learned of the gift of tongues and how as we work hard and struggle to learn the language we will be blessed with knowledge and know what to say. I have already seen that here. Elder Brewer and I have made a habit of talking to some Latino Elders every day and they’ve become some of our best friends here! They’re always so willing to help us and I know they are great missionaries.

So last Thursday (2nd day at CCM)  we had to teach for the first time. IN SPANISH. It was so stressful and hard and we bombed it so hard. We got some background info on the investigator (one of our teachers) and we wanted to teach the plan of salvation to her, but we didn’t really have a great plan, aaaand we don’t speak spanish. It was tough and we came out really discouraged and were down for the rest of the night until we had comp study and planning and me and Elder Brewer talked about how we're feeling about everything and felt a little bit better.

Sundays here are fantastic! it is a lot of meetings throughout the day, but we don’t have to learn or study or memorize stuff. This Sunday was especially good for me because I had my first real revelation here. It was during sacrament meeting and after I had taken the bread I decided to give a prayer of thanks. As I was praying I said I was grateful for the homesickness. It was almost like I didn’t say it. I kept praying and then realized that I was grateful for those feelings because it shows me how much of a sacrifice I’m making to be here and how much more meaningful it is for me to be here. I don’t know if that makes sense but it does to me. 

Monday was a roller coaster. I was feeling really unconfident about my Spanish and was kinda down about everything. we went to plan our lessons and I was feeling really discouraged and overwhelmed and I didn’t think we were getting through to our investigator. My companion saw this and tried to cheer me up. I prayed myself before we went in and said the opening prayer in our lesson and right there everything changed. I felt the spirit so strongly and literally had words put into my mouth as I taught. we weren’t planning on it but we asked our investigator Amelia if she wanted to be baptized and she said yes!!! it was such a great reassurance to me that Heavenly Father answers personal prayers and knows my needs.

the days are starting to go by really fast here and I’m excited to hear about how everyone else is doing! love you all!