Thursday, June 23, 2016

CCM Arrival

Arrival to Mexico City and the CCM (Mexico Training Center)

Hello friends and family!!! Oh my gosh I don’t even know where to begin these last 9 days have been crazy! So when I got to my terminal and was alone I sat down and looked around and saw some other missionaries sitting there too! I was so excited because I wasn’t alone after all! (I apologize for the grammar and spelling but these are Spanish computers and keyboards and it’s kinda hard to use) Anyway we all talked for a bit then boarded the plane. That plane ride was only about 3 1/2 hours but it felt like foreeeeveeer. The plane was small and felt really rickety and I think being nervous made it feel longer I don’t know. When we landed it was pouring rain and we had to go through customs, get our bags checked, stuff like that. I had to sign more visa stuff when we got to the van that picked us up. There were about 5 other missionaries on the van with us so we had 12 total. the drive to the ccm was INSANE. Mexican roads are so hectic and stressful I don’t know how we we didn’t see, cause, or be in an accident in the 30 minutes it took to get there. so we finally get to the ccm, we unloaded our stuff, went in and got our badges and packets with our schedule for the next six weeks and other papers. after we did some orientation we had dinner and went straight to a devotional. Every Tuesday we have a devotional, either a broadcast from Provo or an area authority speaks. Last Tuesday David A Bednar spoke and it was fantastic! He spoke about enduring to the end and how God and Jesus Christ know us each individually. We then went home to unpack and sleep

The Casita
 Bathroom in the house
Bathroom in our house
I sleep on the top bunk

My closet is on the right side
Laundry room in the house
Two of my roommates Elder Brewer and Elder Ailing

We live in houses with five rooms per house. We can have up to 20 Elders in our house.  We currently have 16 Elders. So in my room it’s me and my companion, Elder Brewer, and two other Elders. Elder Tidbits, who was on my flight and Elder Ailing. I love these Elders so much we always goof around and joke with each other (when its appropriate) and we're all in the same district. Our district is made up of 4 Elders and 4 Hermanas(sisters) the sisters names are Hermanas Black, Blake, McGee, and Olson. They’re all super hilarious hahaha. I love my district.

 The CCM

My Zone
Roommates Elder Ailing, Elder Tidbits, Me, Elder Brewer
Elder Johnson and Elder Brewer