Monday, May 1, 2017

47. I’ve been feeling good spiritually, mentally, I’m back at 100!

I’m feeling good right now! We’re working hard right up to the changes and are excited to see what happens. There are going to be a ton of things changing in the mission, so that’s always interesting.

I’ve been feeling good spiritually, mentally, I’m back at 100, so things have been going well.

Everything has improved a ton this past week, so I’m excited to keep working and developing the area. We’ve been practicing with Juvenal how to teach Jehovah’s Witnesses because there were a ton in his mission and he knows how they think and what scriptures they pull out and how they answer questions. It’s been interesting and it’s been helping our teaching a lot!  (Juvenal is the Ward Mission Leader and he has been such an amazing blessing in our lives here at home.  He has been the mouthpiece to keep us informed of Bryce's health and to be our lifeline.  Turns out he went to Elementary School two miles from our house in Mesa, Arizona.  He went to Mexico on his Mission then back to Parral where he grew up)  He has been such a tender mercy during hard times.  Love Juvenal!!
Elder Requena , Elder Fastabend (arrived two weeks ago with special changes), JUVENAL, Elder Johnson

We had a District Conference this Sunday so the two weeks before we were practicing in a choir  to sing at the conference.  We sang 120 Lean on My Ample Arm, 17 Awake, Ye Saints of God, Awake!, 161 Called to Serve. It’s like a stake conference, but it’s not a stake here because there are only branches. But it was basically a stake conference.

I don’t think I’ve told you yet, but these last two weeks there have been special changes and they took out one of the District Leaders in my zone.  So the whole zone is my district. It’s been interesting and a bit stressful honestly. The good thing is that it’s a small zone (12 people), but I have almost the entire work load. Basically the Zone Leaders were having me be the mouthpiece and it was hard since I’m the only District Leader in the Zone. But now they are helping more until the changes and until we see if we get another District Leader.  As a mouthpiece I mean they tell me something and I do it, or I tell the whole zone what that is. Like a zone activity or if we need to do something then it was me making all the phone calls and telling everybody.  It has been a blessing though because I’m being forced to manage and handle a lot more than I’m used to. So we’ll see what the Lord has in store for me soon.

This is Romancita. She’s super funny. She’s just like having a grandma in the mission. She takes care of us and is just an awesome person. She does talk a lot though, but what’s different than any other grandma?  (The Elders rent an apartment on top or Romancita's house and bless this sweet woman.  I love her! ) 

View from the top of Juvenal's house
My zone leaders, Elder Stockton and Elder Loftus. 

Bryce's sister had to make a video for her Spanish class.  We thought He would enjoy seeing his pets again and hear his sister speak spanish (Like he once did when he didn't know real spanish :)  She took it upon herself to transform the animals  Featuring his dog Bella (Zebra), Sadie(Lion), Pixie(Deer), Hutru(the alligator Bryce got for Christmas when he was 2), and Toofie the cat(Jaguar).  We sent him this video to enjoy.  Juvenal liked it too!

Oh my gosh I’m laughing so hard that was so funny!!! Did she do it all alone?
I was wondering what she was gonna make Bells (Bryce's name for Bella) because I didn’t read all of the mail... that’s hilarious!

Love you mama have a good week!